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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl, Griff, and Racer had a very similar hike to Tuesday. The weather was warm, they sniffed greetings with some dogs along the way, Carl and Griff roamed around while Racer hiked on leash with me. Carl would get distracted and wander off a little bit, then race to catch up with Griff. It was a fun time on the trails.

Variety Pack

Avo was in a bit of a reactive mood this afternoon. It started with barking at some deer in Mamacita's neighborhood, when we headed there to pick her up. On the walk, Avo was disturbed by a recumbent bicycle, and barked quite a bit even as I directed her off the side of the Boulder Creek Path. On the way home, she barked from the car at some dogs she saw walking down the street nearby. She also tried mounting Zoey quite a few times today. Meanwhile, Zoey and Mamacita provided an alternative example for their packmate, by being their usual relaxed selves.


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