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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl got a lot of snowballs stuck to his chest and legs as he bounded through the snow alongside Griff. Racer kept scooping up mouthfuls of snow on the move. Sputnik stopped to munch on snow every once in a while. The trails were pretty much empty today.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Mamacita, Avo, Gidget, and Blu enjoyed a walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Zoey didn't insist on any stops. Maybe the freshly-fallen snow made the scent-scape less interesting. Mamacita started off strong, but slowed down a bit near the end of our walk, especially when we were walking up-slope on the path at Eben G. Fine Park. Avo, Blu, and Gidget all walked along nicely in place, making for a calm, pleasant afternoon.


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