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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Some hikers got a kick out of Carl's interest in checking out the drainage pipes that run under sections of the Chautauqua Trail, and Dylan's leisurely pace climbing the mountain behind the rest of us. After our initial ascent up the Chautauqua Trail, Dylan caught up and then led the way the rest of the time, with Carl at his heels. Griff and Racer walked at my sides. I saw more caterpillar cocoons today, and the pack again took no notice. The dogs made a couple stops in shaded areas along the way today, even though it wasn't all that hot.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Ruffers, Dylan, Riley, and Mamacita headed to Boulder Creek for our afternoon pack walk. Riley got worked up about a pair of Huskies we passed early on in the walk, and Dylan in turn reacted with a couple woofs. The rest of the pack stayed calm and Riley and Dylan moved on pretty quickly. There were a lot of geese at the kids' fishing pond, including the family with goslings we recently encountered. The dogs weren't that interested in them, but one goose still hissed at us as we went by. The family of geese was crossing the path during the return leg of our walk, so I diverted the pack through the adjacent courthouse parking lot.


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