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Thursday Pack Activities (9/14/2023)

Adventure Pack

Whatever had made Nelly wary along the Baseline Trail earlier this week, it didn't bother her today. She hiked right along with Griff, Racer and Tucker. We moved pretty slowly, but didn't make as many stops along Baseline as we often do. There were a lot of magpies around the Chautauqua trail head when we were finishing up our hike. The dogs didn't react to them even though we paused and hung out next to some who were perched right beside the trail. I am quietly determined to make the magpies friends of the pack so I left a couple treats by their perches in the hopes of earning their favor.

Variety Pack

Taco directed the pack's sniffing for the first half of our walk around Wonderland Lake; Zoey took over those duties for the second half. They were each equally adamant about their decisions regarding where to sniff. Clover and Carl were happy to check out the spots their packmates were drawn to. Clover also made a couple mid-walk stops of her own. There was a light sprinkle when we first headed out which gradually grew heavier and heavier until we were pretty well soaked by the end of the walk.


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