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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Carl were very interested in the scents to be found along one particular stretch of the Mesa Trail. They milled around with their noses down for several minutes as Sputnik munched on snow and Griff scouted ahead. Carl got very muddy again, with some fresh snowfall contributing to the supply of mud puddles on the trails. The others were pretty easy to clean up, but Carl is like a mop and his coat just hold everything in.

Variety Pack

I was surprised to see what little snow is left on the ground around the Goose Creek Greenway. I heard one prairie dog chirping in the distance as we walked but I didn't see where the noise was coming from and the pack didn't react. Rey always seems especially interested in sniffing around when we walk that path, and today was no exception. When the others sniffed around, they would eventually stop to pee and then they would look ready to move along. Rey never wanted to relieve herself; she just wanted to investigate the odors that caught her nose, wherever they led her.

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