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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl chewed on a pine needle while his packmates were sniffing around. He kept falling behind and then racing to catch up with Griff, who was scouting ahead as usual. We saw a couple other dogs who approached us in a pretty forward manner, which got Sputnik and Racer barking. There was a very light drizzle throughout our hike. While Sputnik, Griff, and Racer came away just a little damp, Carl did his best floor mop impression and ended up with his entire underside soaked in mud.

Variety Pack

The pack headed to the Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon, with a temporary break in the grey skies. Rey and Blu were very interested in the prairie dogs, while Zoey, Mamacita, Gidget, and Milo didn't care. It started sprinkling again, and kept coming down harder and harder. We took shelter in an underpass until the the rain got lighter again, and then we hurried the rest of the way back to the packmobile. None of the pack were thrilled about the rain, but Rey was visibly the most upset about it.

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