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Tuesday Pack Activities (8/15/2023)

Adventure Pack

Imogene was all over the place on the Red Rocks trails today. There was a friendly Doodle with whom she and Griff were happy to sniff hello. Imogene tried to play but the Doodle was a little intimidated by her moves and didn't engage. Racer hiked right along at my side, only pulling over a few times when she needed to stop and pee. It has been a big difference from her earlier years with the pack, when she would pull all the time. Imogene rushed off to Silver Lake Ditch at various points along the way, and didn't come back very readily when called, so she ended up finishing the hike on leash with me and Racer. Griff enjoyed roaming around the rock formations on the return leg of our hike.

Variety Pack

The Valmont Dog Park was empty when Carl and Zoey first arrived, but we saw almost a dozen new friends who showed up while we were there. Carl was fully committed to playing fetch for the entire visit, only taking brief stops to hop into the kiddie pool or sniff hello with the other dogs. Zoey had her nose down most of the time, poking around through the weeds that now carpet the dog park since we've gotten so much rain this season. There was a red and white ball that I was sure would catch Zoey's interest, but she gave it one sniff and then walked away. Carl did the same, even though he had lost track of his tennis ball and was looking for a replacement.


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