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Tuesday Pack Activities (9/26/2023)

Adventure Pack

Archie and Imogene had a fun time frolicking off leash together at the Chautauqua today while Griff and Racer hiked along with me. At one point, Archie and Imogene ran far up ahead and it took a minute before I saw them racing back to us. Griff enjoyed some more mellow exploring while he was off leash later, and sniffed hello with a dog we passed as we started our way back down on Chautauqua Trail. Imogene chomped some sticks up into bits.

Variety Pack

Carl made so many stops along Boulder Creek Path as he felt the need to pee on everything. Ruffers wanted to check out a couple spots early on, but then she just trotted along pleasantly on pace. Archie was very distracted by the dogs we saw as we walked the path, and kept turning around to watch them after we passed by. Near the end of the walk, Zoey wandered into the grassy field at Eben G. Fine Park as she always likes to do, and took her time sniffing around while Carl peed in a few more places.

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