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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Yesterday's blanket of ice had mostly evaporated, but the the way up to Enchanted Mesa was still pretty slippery so we took the same alternate route that the pack took yesterday. After all of the scavenging Avo has been doing lately, she stayed on leash as the pack hiked the Chautauqua today; however, I did let her off for about five minutes and she made the most of the time by sprinting and bounding all around. Dylan made no attempt to join in with Avo; Ruffers perked up a little as she watched her go wild with energy.

Variety Pack

Zoey just got her stitches out and enjoyed her pack time this afternoon. She was interested in joining Archie and Rey in their exuberant play at the house before our walk, but I kept her out of the fray for this one more time. Rey and Imogene both enjoyed chewing up twigs they found along the Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. Archie and Imogene started bowing and tackling each other every time the pack stopped to sniff or get a photo taken. We passed several other dogs along the way. Archie got pretty excited but was manageable. His packmates all stayed chill, which helped make it easier to handle his enthusiasm.

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