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Wednesday Pack Activities (5/3/2023)

Adventure Pack

Archie joined Avo, Dylan and Bear for the hike in Ruffers' stead today. His puppy-level enthusiasm was met with mixed responses by the rest of the pack. Dylan offered his usual grumble for less-familiar dogs when he first hopped into the packmobile. Avo snarled at him a bit when he would get right up in her face, but eventually started to just quietly turn her head aside as he tried to lick her. When they were off leash together, she led him on a couple runs. Bear was the most inviting toward Archie and his rambunctious energy, and did some pounce-and-dodge with him in addition to chasing him around a bit. Dylan made sure we stopped in the shade a few times on our way up the mountain. Bear lost steam about two-thirds of the way through the hike, at which point he was the one making frequent stops to lie in the shade. He and Avo both enjoyed chewing on some broken branches they found as the pack lounged around and cooled off.


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