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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Dylan bounded through the snow together, shoulder-to-shoulder. We encountered a few other dogs with whom they had some fun hopping around. Sputnik stuck to the trail on leash with me, following directly in line behind me and keeping pace without a problem. He didn't eat as much snow today, even though there was plenty to be had.

Variety Pack

Rey, Imogene, Carl, and Zoey burst into the Valmont Dog Park with overflowing enthusiasm. They were promptly greeted by a friendly pair of Huskies, who ran around with them a bit. There was one other dog hanging out in the center of the park, who joined in the fun as we made our way to that area. Several other dogs showed up before long, and everyone had fun running and playing. Rey got a little too pushy with one dog, so I had to interrupt her several times before she got the idea that she had to back off. Once she got the message, she and Imogene played together for a while. After a break, Rey approached the other dog better and had some fun running around with her again. Carl and Zoey were slightly less exuberant than Rey and Imogene, but also had a lot of fun.


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