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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The snowy patches are beginning to dwindle again, but the shaded stretches of Shanahan Ridge still have enough for Dylan to roll around in, and for Sputnik to munch on. Imogene and Ruffers were less focused on the snow, and more focused on playing with each other. They hopped around with each other a bit, even though I kept Imogene on leash.

Variety Pack

Imogene's pack day continued with a visit to the Valmont Dog Park along with Carl, Zoey, and Rey. Rey found a couple different friends to run around with. Imogene brought me a tennis ball and enjoyed playing fetch whenever I could get her to leave the ball for me, and not dart in to steal it away. Carl and Zoey milled around the concrete pad at the center of the park, saying hello to everybody there. Occasionally, Rey, Zoey, and/or Carl would join in to chase after Imogene as she played fetch.

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