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Wednesday Pack Activities (9/20/2023)

Adventure Pack

Baseline Trail didn't grab the pack's attention like it usually does, so we hiked through without many stops. Ruffers spread her stops out along the hike; the others didn't do a whole lot of sniffing today. Dylan was panting pretty hard as he brought up the rear when we reached the crest of Bluebell-Baird Trail, while Bear was off exploring ahead. Yoshi did a great job walking in place with the pack, without pulling ahead.

Variety Pack

Cloud cover and temps in the mid-seventies (F) made for a pretty pleasant stroll along Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. The boys were all pretty rowdy at the house beforehand. Buddy continued that demeanor on the walk as he kept trying to launch himself into Archie. I kept him at bay for the most part, but he slipped across every now and then. Archie mostly took the assaults in stride, but occasionally leapt and bowed in response. Aside from that, and a couple passing dogs who got Archie and Buddy both excited, the pack maintained a pretty orderly disposition. Taco was fine with keeping pace, and didn't insist on any particular stops. Alfie and Lumi trotted along side-by-side with Archie, showing everyone how it's done. There was one particular spot in a grassy field where each pack member felt the need to leave their mark, and everyone politely took turns doing so - even Alfie!

Monkey Time

Monkey went on a slightly longer walk at Wonderland Lake this afternoon, but still not quite as long or at the pace of our typical pack walks. She was excited by the grasshoppers, as usual, but was really thrilled to come by a bundle of sticks someone had set out by the sidewalk. Jen commented on how she wouldn't be surprised if Monkey thought her name was 'Aww!' for how often people say that when they see her.


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