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Thursday, May 11th

Adventure Pack

Our new packmate Cooper joined Sputnik, Coco, and Griff on our hike this morning. He and Sputnik were a little grumbly with each other upon first meeting, but once we got walking that tension dissipated. On the trails, Cooper was a good hiker who trotted right along at my side after a brief period of shuffling around spots with Griff. Griff had his first go off the leash today along with Coco, and he did great! He ran off in a few different directions when he was first let off, but came running right back each time when I called him. After his initial sprawl, he settled into trotting along the trail with Coco, only straying off into the brush occasionally to sniff around a bit. He has been polite and friendly with everyone in the pack. He was a bit reserved at first, but seems to be getting more and more relaxed with each pack outing.

Variety Pack

Ruffers found several friends at the park to play with this afternoon. She hopped from one group to the next to be part of whatever action was going on at the moment. Meanwhile, Thompson was lazier than usual and spent almost the entire time lounging around with the humans sitting at the picnic tables on the concrete pad at the center of the park. Coco and Isaac played fetch, as always, and were joined by another Cattle Dog who was equally obsessed with tennis balls and who barked at me whenever I waited too long to throw one for them. Isaac found a big mud puddle flop around in, so I rinsed him off under the spigot before we headed out.

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