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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack headed to CU South Campus again this morning. Colby and Ruffers sniffed around in the brush together but weren't particularly playful. The two of them splashed through the muddy ditch despite my calls for them to come back to the trail. We came across a few friendly dogs who sniffed hello with Colby and Ruffers and then came over to greet Mamacita and Sputnik as well. When we reached the pond later on in the hike, Colby went for a swim while Ruffers, Mamacita, and Sputnik all waded around in the shallows. After that, Ruffers and Colby had a surge of energy and chased each other around for a bit.

Variety Pack

Cooper seemed less interested in pulling over to sniff and leave scent marks without his packmate Sputnik there to compete with him; however, he still made more stops than the rest of the pack, who waited patiently while Cooper decided what needed peeing on. Colby was much more relaxed about passers-by on the path this afternoon than she had been when we walked the same path Monday. She didn't even react when bicyclists rode by; however, she did jump at one point, at the sound of a skateboard hitting the concrete and rolling down the path behind us. When we stopped at the park to relax and snap a few photos, Coco predictably dove into the grass to wiggle around, startling Zoey and causing her to leap back to get out of the way of Coco's flailing legs. After a minute, Zoey and then Cooper each followed Coco's example in turn. Colby apparently wasn't tempted.

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