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Friday Pack Activities (1/12/2024)

Adventure Pack

Dylan finally went for a wiggle in the snow at the beginning of today's hike at Shanahan Ridge. Yoshi and Lou looked on as Dylan writhed with joy for a few moments; neither partook for themselves. Lou insisted on stops every so often. She would then head straight to the side of the trail to check out whatever had caught her nose, and her packmates would join in sniffing around while Lou marked her spot.

Variety Pack

The pack was greeted by a couple chirping prairie dogs at Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon. Yoshi and Lumi both perked up at the sound. Yoshi zeroed in on the source and stared intently until they were out of view. Lumi had a passing interest. Carl didn't even give the prairie dogs a second look. Later on, Yoshi tempted Lumi with a large twig, and the two of them jumped around with each other for a moment before we got back on track. Carl was more interested in sniffing than in prairie dogs or sticks, and made sure we stopped to check out some spots. Yoshi found another, bigger stick later on and kept it to himself, carrying with for a good, long stretch until he eventually dropped it along the edge of the path.

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