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Friday Pack Activities (11/17/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly had no hesitations about moving along on the trails today. Meanwhile, Yoshi pulled eagerly a lot of the time and kept having to be reminded to walk with the group. Dylan and Lou initiated most of our stops - Dylan for the purpose of sniffing around, Lou for the purpose of just taking a break. At one point along Bluebell-Mesa Trail, Yoshi perked up with great interest in something ahead. None of his packmates reacted. Try as I might, I couldn't figure out what he was looking at, but he settled down after we apparently passed the disturbance.

Variety Pack

We encountered several other dogs during our afternoon walk along Bear Creek Greenway. I had to hold Yoshi's collar to keep him at my side as they passed, and that was enough to help him contain himself; the rest of the pack minded their manners very nicely. Yoshi's eagerness to get ahead continued into the afternoon walk. Kona had the same itch. Lumi mostly walked in place but occasionally competed to get ahead of Yoshi. Carl and Ruffers walked nicely side by side. Zoey brought up the rear and set a modest pace for us. Carl dropped back a bit to walk by Zoey every so often. We stopped at the mile marker boulder by the basketball courts, and everyone got to work sniffing and peeing around it. By the end of the walk, everyone was doing a pretty good job of keeping on pace together.


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