Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik stuck pretty close together during our hike at Settler's Park. Dylan wallowed in the Farmer's Ditch, as usual, while Sputnik just waded. When Dylan was done getting soaked, he walked over and gave me a lick on the chin, to let me know he was ready to go. Sputnik went on leash again as we approached the red rocks formation. Still, he tried to double back just after we passed by a group of kids there. I suspect the wind consistently blows a certain way through that area, and that's why Sputnik doesn't seem to take notice until we reach a certain point past the kids with food.

Variety Pack

Lou was the primary shade-seeker of the pack this afternoon. Zoey made a few stops early on, but was more interested in sniffing around than in lounging. Ruffers and Carl seeemd like they would have been happy to walk without breaks. Lou, however, was very insistent that we stop in the shade to cool off every so often. I offered her water but she was lukewarm on it, only taking a few laps before turning away. Ruffers attempted to mount Zoey at one point, and Zoey responded with a pretty clear rebuff. I think she was more touchy than usual about it because of her recent leg injury. Ruffers took the hint and didn't try that again.