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Monday Pack Activities (1/8/2024)

Adventure Pack

Dylan wasn't as easily winded on our hike today at CU South Campus; he did more sniffing and a lot less panting. Bear and Lumi were pretty excited and panted lightly throughout, while Griff was in a more mellow mood. Dylan and Bear woofed at one passing dog, but didn't react to any of the others we saw as we wound around the side trails and then took the big loop. To my surprise, neither Dylan nor Bear opted to roll around in the snow today.

Variety Pack

Lumi, Carl, Alfie and Lou enjoyed a trip around Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. The pack was very curious about all the smells along the way, and made frequent stops throughout as everyone gathered around the particular tufts of grass that called to them. Lumi had a close call when Alfie lifted his leg while Lumi was still engrossed in investigating one spot, but with a tug on the leash he backed away just in time to dodge the oncoming stream. Carl and Lou left plenty of their own marks, but without the risk of tagging their packmates.


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