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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There were some windy gusts now and then during our hike at Shanahan Ridge, but it wasn't too bad at ground level. Dylan, Avo and Milo all enjoyed greeting a big Goldendoodle. He was a bit taller, darker, and hairier than Milo. Dylan lingered behind for a minute after the rest of us moved on up the trail, and then caught up to us. Avo unfortunately discovered some scat tucked away in a copse of bare deciduous shrubs where it impossible to get at her. I eventually was able to shoo her off, and then it took a little while to get her back on the leash.

Variety Pack

Lou, Rey and Milo enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Greenway, with the winds having died down. We encountered a tiny puppy along the way. As we approached, Rey made a playful hop, which was enough to send the little one yipping and yelping as he ran to the far side of his guardians. Rey made no further attempt to pursue, and the people chuckled at their pup's overreaction to her friendly gesture. We were headed in the same direction and passed by each other back and forth a couple times. Eventually, the little one was following along behind Lou and seemed ready to join the pack.

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