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Monday Pack Activities (11/20/2023)

Adventure Pack

The trails at the Chautauqua were pretty quiet today. Bear, Dylan and Ruffers put their noses to work throughout hike. In addition to the usual poking along Baseline Trail at the beginning of the hike, they all made a number of stops up the mountain and checked things out together. We only came across one other dog during the hike, along Bluebell-Mesa Trail. They pulled over to the side of the trail as we approached so we didn't stop to greet, although the dogs leaned over and tried to linger as we passed.

Variety Pack

Zoey hasn't been feeling well and hasn't been up for many pack activities lately, so Ruffers accompanied her on a shorter walk with Jen while Lou, Alfie and Carl had their regular pack walk with me. Carl was back in a pulling mood today and kept trying to get ahead of Alfie. Lou didn't make any full stops but she did make it clear that she wanted to hold up and sniff beside the path a few times along the way. We encountered a couple rambunctious pups who earned a little grumble and bark from Carl as they danced by us. Alfie stopped and turned around to watch them as they went. Lou has gotten a lot more patient than she used to be when taking pack photos but she still has a habit of trying to come up to me and lie at my feet or crawl into my lap when I step back to snap a shot.


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