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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley has back at the cascade in the stream at Gregory Canyon this morning, chomping at water as it spilled over the rocks. Sputnik was less wary of wading into the water today, and hung out in the middle of the stream while Riley did her thing. Griff was in and out, then started exploring along the well-shaded bank. Ruffers was on the same page as Sputnik, as she hung out in the middle of the stream until I decided it was time to move on. We didn't move very quickly up the mountain, and headed back short of the point we usually reach. The paving-like coat on the Chautauqua Trail was hot on the dogs' paws, so Ruffers hurried off to the side of the trail, where that coat is largely worn away. We only went that way for the last 100 yards or so of our hike. Now that summer weather is truly upon us, I will be adjusting our return route to avoid that stretch of treated surface.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey, and Lou were all quick to hop into Boulder Creek when we stopped along the water during our walk. Gidget and Carl were both a little more hesitant to get their paws wet, but we took a long break there, and eventually they both waded around in the shallows, as well. Rey bowed in the water and dug at some river rocks in playful fashion, then suddenly leaped out. Lou lay down in the water for a minute, to get her belly wet. Zoey spent a long time poking around in the water, not focused on anything in particular.

Meanwhile, Blu and Mamacita went on a shorter neighborhood walk with Jen. Blu got quite excited at the sight of rabbits, a couple different times during the walk. Mamacita didn't care about the rabbits, and just walked along. They lingered to sniff around in the shade at a few points along the way.

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