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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Button, Tucker and Racer got pretty worked up about a very excited and whiny Australian Shepherd we passed on the trails today. They all tried to pull us over, but the Aussie was far too excitable for the pack to go over to them. Griff was perfectly content ignoring the wild pup. The trails didn't seem that busy when we set out, but the trail head was bustling when we returned. Button, Tucker and Racer soaked up all the love they were offered while Griff hung back at my side.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl and Clover took their time sniffing around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Zoey and Carl were especially stubborn about pulling over to poke around in the grass or snow. We encountered a pair of Newfoundlands along the way. Clover was eager to go over and sniff hello. Zoey and Carl were also happy to greet the big dogs, but Carl punctuated the encounter with a grumble before we headed on our way.


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