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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Snow started falling as Racer, Griff, and Sputnik hiked the Mesa Trail. It dusted Racer's and Sputnik's black coats, but was invisible on Griff. The snowfall didn't last long, and then we spent the rest of the hike precipitation-free. Racer had a brief bit of wild play in the snow, when I dropped her leash. She mostly just sprinted back and forth through one snowy patch, whimpering with excitement, until she tired out and sniffed a nearby tree, at which point I recovered her leash.

Variety Pack

The Adventure Pack had a touch of snow during their hike; Riley, Mamacita, Avo, and Zoey spent their walk in a light rain that lasted the entire time. Geese were out in force at Wonderland Lake Park. Avo seemed a little too interested in their droppings, so I stayed vigilant in keeping her from dipping down to sniff too closely at them. The rest of the pack passed through the goose zone without paying much attention to either the geese or their droppings. Everyone got toweled down in the packmobile after the walk, while staring at me with wet, droopy faces.

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