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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

With the sun beating down and the temperature already in the upper 80's when we set out this morning, I decided to forego the mountain and just stick to the Boulder Creek Path with the boys. After a long stop in the water early on, we took a very easy pace down the path and back. Sputnik sniffed out a couple discarded sandwich rolls at different points along the way. I got him away from one before he had a chance to grab it, but he snagged a bite off the end of the other one. Griff and Carl's noses were both on alert, but they didn't hone in on the prize as fast as Sputnik, and didn't get any.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Avo, and Riley spent a good, long while in Boulder Creek at the beginning of our walk. Mamacita hadn't wanted to move on from the grassy field at Eben G. Fine Park, but she seemed pretty happy to be in the water once we got there. She watched her steps carefully as she slowly waded over boulders of various sizes. Meanwhile, Avo and Riley popped in and out of the water a few times. They each went over and checked on Mamacita at different times. After that, Mamacita was more willing to keep pace on the walk. We saw a number of other dogs walking the Boulder Creek Path, and the pack enjoyed some salmon treats as they politely let those dogs go by.


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