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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl and Griff roamed the Chautauqua Meadow, mostly sniffing along the edge of the trail, while Racer hiked alongside me. Griff went into the tall grass briefly, and Carl stared into the maze of green, wondering where his big buddy went. A minute later, Griff came bounding down the mountainside and back onto the trail, and Carl greeted him excitedly. We spent the latter part of our pack outing wandering through the Chautauqua Park. We hung out in the shade of a tree for a few minutes, and Racer lay down and flopped onto her side next to me while Carl sniffed around and Griff lay down with polite, upright posture.

Variety Pack

Avo and Riley were pretty interested in the prairie dogs today, as were their counterparts during yesterday's walk on the Goose Creek Greenway and Boulder Creek Path. Mamacita and Zoey were uninterested in the prairie dogs, no matter how much they squeaked at our passing by. Avo and Riley did eventually settled down, and walked more calmly in place, but not before Avo actually tried lunging in the direction of one nearby prairie dog; still, her brief moment of lost composure was far more manageable than some of her wilder outbursts as a younger pup, and she readily gave up on the idea of pursuit. Altogether, it was a pretty calm and pleasant walk, with cloudy skies keeping us cool the whole time.

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