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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack was slow up the mountain again this morning, as the heat took a toll on everyone's energy levels. Carl approached some people at the trail head, and got some pets from them while the rest of the pack edged toward the shade of a large, nearby bush. Despite drinking most of the water from the CamelBak while we were on the mountain, Sputnik and Racer hit the water fountain at the trail head hard upon our return. Griff and Carl took a little water - both on the mountain and at the base - but were nowhere near as thirsty as their packmates.

Variety Pack

Avo was feeling playful this afternoon. She mounted Zoey then collapsed into a half-play-bow, half-rolling over posture. Zoey wasn't drawn in, but Riley's attention was won and she hopped around with Avo for a minute. We took a break in the shade at our most consistent stopping point along the Bear Creek Greenway, right by the big boulder that marks the path, near some CU basketball courts; otherwise, we walked along at a slow and steady pace, which was just right for Mamacita.

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