Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a chilly morning as the pack made their way around the Chautauqua. Without the heat, Sputnik was less insistent about taking water breaks. Nonetheless, he and Racer still drank thirstily whenever I offered. Griff stuck to my side as we went, while Carl needed frequent reminders not to get too far ahead.

Variety Pack

Eben G. Fine Park was mostly empty today. Zoey took advantage of the situation by leading the pack on a sniffing adventure right across the center of the field. Once we reached the other half of the park, I heard my name called out. I looked up to see Ruffers and her mom approaching - the only others in the park besides a few people passing along the path! Zoey, Avo, Dylan, and Lou were all excited to say hello to their friend, as she was them. Zoey was the most pumped, and kept spinning in circles in front of Ruffers. The rest of our walk after that was less exciting. Dylan and Avo briefly barked at a couple skateboarders who passed while I was picking up after nature's call to Avo. Otherwise, it was just a pleasant walk beside Boulder Creek.