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Tuesday Pack Activities (1/2/2024)

Adventure Pack

Imogene and Archie got wild chasing each other around when they were able to go off leash for a stretch at Enchanted Mesa today. Jonathan and Lou whimpered with excitement as they watched their packmates race and dodge in the field beside the trail we were hiking. When Imogene and Archie ran by us along the trail, Lou and Jonathan made moves to intercept. The trails were pretty busy, so it was only a short time before the pack was all on leash together again to finish out the hike.

Variety Pack

Roger Roger, Monkey, Taco, Beard, Mrs. Miggins and Carl enjoyed a walk along Bear Creek Greenway this afternoon. We began the walk with a long stop at a big tree in Martin Park, which had all of the dogs very interested. Monkey and Beard were both pulling a bit at first, but then settled into a good pace along with their packmates. Taco was eager to sniff more spots all along the way, and Carl was quick to cross over and join him. The others all poked around a bit, but with less ardor than Taco and Carl.

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