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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a very light drizzle as Sputnik, Griff, Carl, and Racer hit the trails today. A thick fog made the mountains appear in distinct layers in the distance. We again saw very few others on the trails. The dogs all spent a lot of time sniffing around in the wet grass along the Baseline Trail, and nibbling on it here and there.

Variety Pack

The pack was joined by a new member today: Sanni! Sanni is an 8-month-old Rottweiler, from the same family as our old packmate Cooper, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Rey was particularly fond of Cooper whenever they crossed paths, and the same was true for Sanni. After a brief moment of guarded uncertainty about each other, the two of them started hopping and wrestling around like best friends. We spent a little while at the house, to let the rain pass before our walk. Rey and Zoey each took turns wrestling around with Sanni. Mamacita and Avo wanted a bit of space from the puppy, and opted to hang out on the furniture while their packmates played. Avo eventually came and lay down near Sanni, and Sanni tried very hard to win Avo's affection. She rolled over in front of her, pawed at her, and licked at her face. Avo did a good job of communicating her boundaries without overreacting to Sanni's advances. On the walk, we managed to stay pretty dry. Sanni tried to play with Rey at a few points along the way. Rey sometimes obliged and other times ignored her. Mamacita kept up alright during the walk, but ate a bit of grass along the way and then spit up a wad of it once the walk was over. Perhaps she would have shown more interest in her new packmate if her stomach hadn't been bothering her.


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