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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

"Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!" a woman called to the pack, with a greeting apiece for Griff, Carl, Sputnik, and Racer, as we headed up the Chautauqua Trail. The pack got a lot of friendly and admiring comments from hikers today. Sputnik was happy to be out with his friends again. He tested negative for leptospirosis, but is still experiencing an issue with excessive thirst and urination; however, his energy level was pretty good on the trail. After the hike, he and Griff lay in the packmobile with paws crossed over each other's.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Rey wrestled around a bit while Avo and Riley chewed on bones at the house before our walk. Mamacita waited in the hallway leading to the door, indicating her interest in getting out there for the walk. We headed to Martin Park and the Bear Creek Greenway. There were a lot of skateboarders there today, and the pack all minded their manners as they went by. Avo and Riley rolled around in the grass a bit; Mamacita abstained, and stayed upright alongside Zoey the whole time. Rey lay down but didn't go for a roll like Avo and Riley.


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