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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Griff roamed off leash together while Carl and Racer hiked along with me at the Chautauqua this morning. Sputnik was a little less insistent about getting water today, but still drank a lot each time I offered it. The cool weather made for a pleasant hike as we took our time on the trails. Carl was a bit all over the place early on, but eventually settled into pace.

Variety Pack

Avo was feeling a bit restless through the walk today, and kept crossing behind me to try to mount Zoey. There were a lot of skateboarders out on the Boulder Creek Path, and Rey watched them with keen focus as they went by. Zoey happily sniffed around her usual spots at Eben G. Fine Park. Riley was very alert to each and every dog we passed during the walk, but she didn't make any quick moves towards them. It's encouraging to see some of the younger pack members' bad habits wane as they mature.


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