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Wednesday Pack Activities (11/1/2023)

Adventure Pack

Another new pack member joined us today: Lucy! Lucy is Nelly's newly-adopted sibling, and she is a very enthusiastic girl! She got along well with Bear, Dylan and Ruffers. She pulled a bit at the leash, but wasn't too wild. Ruffers and Dylan spent a little time off leash before Dylan started roaming off-trail with a purpose and a couple passing hikers said they had just seen a bear. Ruffers had been following the pack from behind, and I leashed her back up when she caught up to us. Dylan was tuned into the disturbance and tuning me out as he ventured forth, but he eventually circled back to the trail and I got him back on leash with the rest of the pack. Bear and Lucy didn't seem to pick up on anything. It seems like there has been a lot of bear activity around Chautauqua Trail and Bluebell-Baird Trail this season, which is surprising because there's always so much foot traffic in those areas.

Variety Pack

Buddy, Lumi, Alfie and Archie headed to Bear Creek Greenway for their afternoon pack walk after Archie and Buddy had been chasing each other around the house. The playful spirits continued during our walk, with Buddy harassing Archie and Archie harassing Lumi. Lumi ignored Archie's moves early on but he started responding in kind during the latter half of the walk. It took some management to keep the three of them from devolving into a chaotic tangle of leashes. Alfie stayed out of the fray. I kept us at a pretty quick, steady pace for most of the time in order to keep everyone's focus ahead and on the move, but that was interrupted a couple times when Archie mounted Lumi and Lumi flopped to the ground and kicked his legs in response.


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