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Wednesday Pack Activities (12/6/2023)

Adventure Pack

Lucy super excited to greet Bear in the packmobile, and then Dylan when he joined us next. Each responded to her wild puppy energy with stern growls until she took a seat. Lucy's energy was a bit more tempered when Ruffers hopped in and we headed to the Chautauqua. The lower part of the trail was all clear of snowpack and ice, but Bear immediately shouldered down and slid around when we reached a shaded stretch that had not yet melted. Dylan and Ruffers enjoyed a brief stint off leash together when we were at a stretch where I could see there were no other dogs nearby. Lucy's demeanor on the trail was far more collected than during her greetings.

Variety Pack

Lou and Archie wrestled around a bit this afternoon, and then Lumi and Archie got to playing a bit while Alfie and Lou simultaneously tried to crawl into my lap, shortly before we headed out for our walk around Wonderland Lake. There were a lot of dogs out and about with their people this afternoon, and we pulled over to the side of the trail to let them go by. Lou, Lumi and Alfie had no problem waiting patiently. Archie had a hard time containing his excitement about each and every dog who went by, but did better when I redirected his attention by having him sit. The weather today was perfect for pack walking, as this whole week has been so far.

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