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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita joined Dylan, Ruffers, and Sputnik for the hike today, after having shifted over to afternoon outings about a year ago. She usually is quite content to lie in the back of the packmobile while we make all our stops, but she got up to greet each of her old friends as they hopped in today. The cool weather and not-too-steep trail we took made it easy enough for Mamacita to keep up during the hike, while Dylan led the way as usual. Everyone gathered at the same spots to sniff together. It rained lightly at the beginning of the hike, but skies cleared before long. Still, some stretches of trail were quite muddy, so everyone required a pretty thorough wipe-down of paws, legs, and bellies before going home.

Variety Pack

Today's walk went much smoother than last week with Lizzo; she stayed in her collar and didn't stir up as much trouble as last time. She and Carl enjoyed wrestling with each other in the packmobile on our way to Martin Park. Surprisingly, Imogene did not get in on the wrestle session, and let out a bark of reprimand whenever the two pups bumped into her. On the walk, Imogene made up for her unprecedented sternness by attempting to play with Carl at every chance, and often even when there was no chance - mid-stride while walking side-by-side. Carl was all too happy to oblige, requiring me to stop and address their on-leash walking manners. Zoey was happy bringing up the rear while Rey provided a very nice example walking next to Lizzo.


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