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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

When we reached the crossroads to head up the mountain from the Baseline Trail, Dylan took a few steps toward the Gregory Canyon Trail Head then stopped and looked back at me, clearly conveying his desire to go hop in the stream like we did last week. I obliged and brought the pack down to the water. Ruffers got her feet wet while Dylan lay in the stream for a good soak. Sputnik hung out next to me on the bank until his packmates were satisfied and we resumed our travels. Of course, Sputnik thirstily lapped up water from the CamelBak when we made another brief rest stop, a short while later.

Variety Pack

Lizzo fell into rhythm with the pack quickly today, walking alongside Rey. Imogene and Carl kept trying to engage each other in wrestling, and needed fairly regular reminders to keep on track. Zoey and Ruffers brought up the rear, observing their puppy packmates while trotting along perfectly in pace. Carl has had an interest in sticks lately. He grabbed a few different twigs along the way today. Imogene stole one from him at one point. Later on, he tried to return the favor, but was unable to wrench the prize from her jaws. I was glad to see Rey not reacting at all to skateboarders, roller-bladers, or other dogs - all of which we encountered today in multiples. Lizzo and Carl got a bit excited about other dogs, but didn't mind the other potential disturbances.

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