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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was cool and cloudy enough today that Dylan didn't feel the need to direct us to the Gregory Canyon stream. We still spent a lot of time inching along the Baseline Trail, as the dogs had a lot of sniffing to do. On our way up the mountain, Dylan lingered behind sometimes to sniff with Ruffers, while Avo and Sputnik kept up on leash with me. Dylan passed us every so often, then would drift back with Ruffers again. Avo and Sputnik took some water, while Dylan and Ruffers refused it. A lot of hikers commented today on what a well-mannered pack they were.

Variety Pack

Lizzo was unfocused and full of energy today. She didn't throw any tantrums, but she just wanted to run off everywhere all of the time. Rey seemed to recognize that her puppy packmate was a handful today, and she was exceptionally calm and cooperative to make up for it, as she followed right in place behind me throughout the walk. She did perk up a little at the sight of some geese by the Evert Pierson Kids' Fishing Pond, but kept on track even as Lizzo tried to lunge toward them. Meanwhile, Carl and Zoey carried themselves in their usual ways, walking at my other side. Carl pulled ahead a bit from time to time but stayed pretty much on track, and snatched up twigs whenever he came upon them. Zoey made sure we stopped to sniff at her favorite places, and otherwise walked along nicely with me.


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