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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Sputnik, and Ruffers enjoyed slightly cooler weather while hiking the mountain at Settler's Park - soon to be renamed The Peoples' Crossing, as indicated by several signs in the area. Sputnik and Dylan both stuck pretty close while they were off leash, while Ruffers followed her usual habit of lingering behind to scour the land for anything of note - particularly anything edible. I don't think her searches turned up anything; or if they did, she did did a good job concealing it. Dylan tried to nibble at some berries on a bush beside the trail at one point, but I interrupted him before he picked any off. I'm not sure what they were. Sputnik was surprisingly the least food-seeking member of the pack this morning!

Variety Pack

Carl and Lizzo wrestled around at the house this afternoon before our walk, while Zoey and Rey had their own play session. Imogene hovered around the edges and came over to rest her head in my lap while her packmates did their roughhousing. During our walk along Boulder Creek, many people commented on what good dogs they all were. We had a pretty mellow walk most of the time, with a few stops here and there when someone had to relieve themselves. Carl often took those opportunities to find a stick to chew on while we waited. Right after I snapped the pack photo in Central Park, a woman stopped next to us and asked if I was training the dogs. In response, Lizzo immediately woofed and jumped at her. The comedic timing was impeccable. The rest of the pack stayed calm, Lizzo settled right back down a moment later, and everyone stayed pretty relaxed through the rest of the walk.


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