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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Sputnik, and Ruffers were all feeling very lovey today. The trails were fairly busy and we pulled over to the side pretty frequently to let other hikers pass by. At one of our stops, we hung out for a few minutes as the dogs all wanted to come up to me and get some snuggles. Dylan was the first to push into me, followed by Sputnik and then Ruffers. Sputnik then started grooming Ruffers by nibbling on the fur around her neck, and then the two of them started wrestling around with each other. Dylan felt left out and barked at them, and then Ruffers went over to Dylan and gave him a few kisses.

Variety Pack

Imogene's urge to jump all over Rey only lasted for a minute at the beginning of our walk. Once she was in place walking beside Zoey, she fell nicely into pace for the walk. She was a little skittish about bicyclists passing by her, but settled down after I had her swap positions with Zoey, so that Zoey was walking to the outside, and Imogene was between us. Zoey has no problems with any people on wheeled apparatuses zooming by. Throughout the walk, Poppy and Rey were very alert to the sights of dogs in the distance, and of sounds of dogs barking in backyards along the Bear Creek Path. On the return leg of our outing, I let Imogene follow up behind Poppy and Rey, who were busily sniffing the strip of grass beside the path. It wasn't long before Imogene then started jumping all over her more playful, young packmates. Poppy was the most receptive to Imogene's very forward invitation to play, but Rey also made some moves. It took a while to get everyone settled down after I initially let them hop around with each other a bit.

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