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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Dylan roamed the trail off leash together as we headed up toward Enchanted Mesa. They both stuck pretty close. Later on, Ruffers chased Avo around a bit. Avo did most of the running. Ruffers mostly just egged her on enough to keep her going, and pounced whenever Avo made a close pass.

Variety Pack

Petie, Griff, Imogene, and Milo all stayed pretty close to me as we walked the Valmont Dog Park together. Zoey headed off to find other people who would give her attention. Carl went back and forth between his sister and the rest of the pack. He liked chasing Imogene when Imogene chased tennis balls. Griff was also into playing fetch, and beat Imogene to the ball some of the time.

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