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Monday, April 10th

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Coco, Rucksack, and Mamacita all took their time sniffing around the beginning of the trail this morning. When they all seemed done with one spot, it was only a few steps before something else caught their interest and all their noses down again. This theme continued through the morning, with frequent pauses to assess the various odors we encountered.

Variety Pack

The olfactory world was apparently humming today, as the afternoon's pack members were as engaged in sniffing around as their counterparts were this morning. Colby was so distracted by the scents at the side of the path that she accidentally stepped right in a mess that Thompson had just left, so we made a stop at the Creek to wash her paw off. Colby, Thompson, Mamacita, and Coco all got their paws wet, while Stella waited for her packmates on dry land.