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Friday, April 28th

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Mamacita, Coco, and Rucksack enjoyed a hike on the Mesa Trail this morning. Coco and Rucksack sniffed the trail ahead as we went. But when we eventually turned around and headed back, Coco lingered behind and took her time. That was out of character for Coco, who usually plays scout by going up ahead of the rest of the pack when she's off the leash.

Variety Pack

Colby, Ruffers, and Coco enjoyed a few chases alongside the trail at CU South Campus this afternoon. On one of their routes, Coco and Colby both got distracted by a scent and then shouldered down and started wiggling around on their backs. When I got them to get up, I saw some feathers from what was apparently scattered bits of the remains of a bird. Ruffers listened better than her packmates and left the spot alone. Meanwhile, Thompson and Stella trotted along the trail with me, following close behind. Thompson made a couple attempts to head off into the mucky ditches along the way, but he was on leash so I was able to draw him away pretty easily.

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