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Thursday, May 25th

Adventure Pack

Coco, Sputnik, and Griff were all happy to have a drink from the CamelBak this morning when we made a stop in the shade. Cooper was more wary of the water from the spout. Shortly after we continued up the trail, we encountered a very forward Husky who caused Cooper and Sputnik to bristle. I brought the pack off to the side of the trail but the Husky didn't read situation and continued to approach, which caused Sputnik and Cooper to start barking; and that, in turn, caused Coco to to bark at Sputnik and at the whole situation in general. The Husky's human eventually caught up to him and brought him away, and I had the pack all lie down for a minute to chill out.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Ruffers, and Sanaya all had fun chasing a German Shorthaired Pointer at the park who was full of energy. While they were racing around, Thompson was taking his time around the perimeter of the park and Mamacita was sniffing around in the brush at the center of the park. After the chasing, Isaac found the same mud puddle that Coco discovered yesterday and he made sure to get as much mud on him as he could. Meanwhile, Sanaya was enjoying some fetch with a tennis ball she found. Mamacita and Ruffers ran around together a bit. Isaac spent a little while under the water spigot before we left the park.

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