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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a perfect day for hiking! Mamacita, Ruffers, and Sputnik all put their noses to work as we took our time along the trails at the Chautauqua. Even though he didn't have Cooper to compete with, Sputnik left a lot of scent marks. Ruffers and Mamacita both sniffed out just as many spots as Sputnik but they kept their marking to a minimum. The pack were mostly calm and pleasant with the dogs we passed, save for one occasion when Mamacita and Sputnik both let out a single bark at an excited German Short-haired Pointer who stopped right after passing us and then whined at us in a plea for attention. Later on, some human hikers asked to say hello to the pack, and the dogs were all eager to get the attention.

Variety Pack

There was a rock structure built out in the middle of the park with four low walls and an entrance, and the dogs all gravitated to it immediately. After investigating, Thompson and Coco peed at either side of the entrance. Most of the dogs respected the boundaries and stayed on the outside of the fortifications, but Zoey trampled right through without hesitation. Isaac, Coco, and Zoey all followed me pretty closely as I walked around the park, all waiting eagerly for me to throw tennis balls that they could chase. Meanwhile, Thompson and Yoda took their time walking the perimeter together and sniffing at the grass and fence all along the way. Later on, Coco and Thompson both got in on some wrestling between a couple younger dogs while the rest of the pack just hung out and greeted any new dogs who showed up.