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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

I wonder whether Mamacita is relieved or disappointed now that Rucksack has laid off cleaning her ears every time they are out together. The pack just hiked along the trails calmly and pleasantly today. Sputnik got some attention from a little boy who asked to say hello to the dogs. Rucksack and Mamacita were distracted by the smells alongside the trail and Colby warily stepped back to the far side of me, so Sputnik happily stepped forward and took all the attention for himself.

Variety Pack

There were a trio of Brittany Spaniels that set out on the trails at CU South Campus a short distance behind us, and Colby spent most of our hike checking over her shoulder to assess their progress. Coco cast occasional glances back, but nothing like Colby's obsessive tab-keeping. Stella hiked alongside Colby and was probably wondering what had Colby so worked up, since Stella's own impaired sight and hearing probably didn't detect the proximity of the Spaniels. Thompson still has pretty acute senses for his age, but he didn't pay our followers any mind as he sniffed his way through the brush. We eventually pulled off the trail to loop through the dirt parking area. We lost our tail, which was a relief to Colby as she was able to spend the remainder of the hike trotting along calmly at my side without worrying about what those other dogs were up to.

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