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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco and Griff went off leash early on during today's hike and they both stuck close by throughout. After taking a break for a while, Coco was back to her habit of wiggling around in the grass. Sputnik kept great composure even when young, excited dogs came up to say hello to us a couple times today. Griff and Coco had bounces in their steps but didn't get into and big chases or wrestling matches, so Cooper found no reason to bark at his packmates. He hiked right alongside Sputnik. The two of them always start off the hike by making stops to sniff and mark about every 10 feet; but the more we progress along the trail, the less frequent their pit-stops become.

Variety Pack

Isaac likes to poke his head over my shoulder in the car. I snapped a photo of him while we were waiting at a red light shortly after I picked him up. At the park, he went straight into fetch, as usual. Thompson, Zoey, and Ruffers all headed to the nearest group of dogs and started making friends. Ruffers made playful moves with a young Rottweiler. Thompson was in a mood to assert himself today, and kept looking for opportunities to mount other dogs. Zoey bounced back and forth between playing with other dogs and chasing tennis balls alongside Isaac. I'm loving Zoey's recent haircut, which makes cleanup after the park much easier and more effective, particularly when she splashes around in the kiddie pool and in mud puddles.

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