Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trails were pretty empty today so Sputnik got to spend some time off leash. He and Griff had a fun time racing around with each other. I tried getting some photos but they all ended up coming out blurry. Coco, Cooper, and Sputnik all found an interesting spot beside the trail to sniff. Griff came over for a moment and then went off to find his own points of interest. Shortly after that, Sputnik found a stick and chewed on it for a bit, then ran by the rest of us and got Cooper barking at him with apparent jealousy over his prize.

Variety Pack

The snow was really starting to come down while Zoey, Ruffers, Isaac, Mamacita, and Thompson walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. It was a pretty uneventful walk until we stopped at a grassy field for a photo. Then, Zoey and Mamacita started leaping and spinning all around with each other. Isaac threw in a few chest-butts, and Ruffers joined the dance as well. Once everyone had eventually settled down and I wasn't juggling leashes anymore, I snapped a photo of them all lined up.