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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Cooper had his last outing as a regular member of the pack today, as he is moving to Broomfield this week. The pack will miss him! The ice and snow were melting from the treetops as we hiked the Chautauqua this morning. Whenever we passed through forested areas, there was so much melt dripping down that it seemed like it was raining. Griff took note of a herd of deer as we made our way up the mountain. He stared at them with intense focus and kept making low grumbles. The rest of the pack didn't mind the deer. Sputnik started staring off intensely at one point while Griff was still focused on the deer, but Sputnik was looking in a different direction. I'm not sure what he saw. Coco and Cooper trotted along right behind me for the whole hike.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Zoey, and Isaac found some playmates with whom to race through the park this afternoon. Thompson didn't run, but he enjoyed sniffing hello with everybody and he made a couple wrestle moves. At one point, Zoey played prey as she ran all around with five or six dogs in pursuit - Ruffers and Isaac included. The big group broke off into a couple smaller ones after a bit and they all continued to run and wrestle with each other.

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