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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The dreary weather kept many hikers at bay today. The parking lot wasn't empty, but it wasn't near as full as it had been the rest of the week. We saw some people and a few dogs at the trail head, but only crossed paths with one other hiker while we were out on the trail. Mamacita, Sputnik, Rucksack, and Roger Roger all hiked along nicely at my sides, but still ended up with watery mud splattered all over their legs and bellies.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Griff, Mamacita, Avo, and Zoey enjoyed a walk along the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. Griff and Avo were especially interested in the wildlife we encountered along the way, including squirrels and ducks. Surprisingly, Ruffers and Zoey didn't seem to take particular note of the critters today. Ruffers was more interested in trying to stir up trouble with Zoey by repeatedly attempting to mount her, which I guess kept Zoey distracted enough to not really care about the squirrels and ducks.

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