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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer wanted to be queen of the mountain today. She climbed up on top of the nearest boulder each time we stopped during our ascent. Griff, Sputnik, and Racer all stopped and sniffed hello with a cute little Dachshund who was working hard to make it up the Gregory Canyon Trail. Griff enjoyed exploring hidden pockets in the brush beside the trail while he was off-leash.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Avo, and Zoey were all about the tennis balls and kiddie pool again today. Milo played on and off with a white Husky throughout our visit. After running aound for a while, everyone decided it was time to lie in the shade and take a break. Avo chewed on a broken tennis ball that made a satisfying "pop!" with each squeeze. Isaac got back up asked me to throw the ball for him whenever he could find the energy to fetch it again. Zoey kept her ball right in front of her as she lay underneath my chair. Milo was the only one who didn't claim a tennis ball for his own.

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